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This is "PEACHES" now living in Florida with Ray & Betty.

Hi Alice!

Your new Sable pups are gorgeous.  I would love to have another one of your
pups, but I have my hands full with Peaches (AKA Tori). She is in an Advance
Obedience now and has become very well behaved if no one is around, but she
loses all concentration if people are near.  She loves everyone and everyone
in town knows her.  She is such a delight. I think she has finally out grown
her carsickness. Yeah! You did a great job socializing her.  Enclosed are
some pictures I took today.

Thanks so much for allowing us to have such a wonderful companion.

Thanks again!
Ray & Betty

This is "ABBY" now living in Alabama with Thomas & Dawn

Abby is doing great! We went for her check up on Monday everything checked out great . Attached is a few photos of her. One with her cowgirl hat for the rodeo. She is doing great potty training also and has learned to sit.

Thank you for my TND's A Lil "Abby" Doya.

This is "MILLIE" aka "CAMIE" now living in California with Ryan & Nikki

Hi Alice,
  Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Millie.  She is 36lbs now and is so fun.  She plays all day long and loves going on walks.  We have a boxer down the street that she loves to play with too.
She is in the car going for a ride
She plays so much that she just stops where she is at toy still in mouth and falls asleep 
She is getting BIG! 
I was wondering if you can send me a couple pictures of her mom and dad?  I just want to see what they looked like.
Thanks a bunch!
Ryan, Nikki & Millie :)


This is "SHADOW" aka "BRONX" now living in S.C. with JuliAnna and family.

He is great, thank you & loved!

This is "BRODIE now living in Florida with Steve, Diane, and his new brrother "Harley".

Hi Alice,
Wanted to thank you again for Brodie. He has had a good day seems to be adjusting very well. Harley absolutely loves him, this pic is during rest time after a playful afternoon. Thanks again :-)
Steve & Diane   

This is "BROOKLYN now living in Virginia with Al & Kathy

Hi Alice
Just wanted to send you Brooklyns first picture at her new home in Va. She is really having a good ole time. After we picked her up at the airport we went on a shopping spree and loaded up on all the essentials a new puppy needs like toys, a new gel foam mattress, treats and more toys. Her trip to the vets went fantastic. Here you see her in a rare moment when she stopped for a short rest. I will keep you updated as she grows.

                                                                                   Al & Kathy & Brooklyn
Kathy (my daughter) took this pic on the porch of Brooklyn admiring herself in the glass door. She is really adapting to her new digs.

This is "LOLA" aka "AMBER" now living in Ga. with Victoria.

Hey Alice,
  I have attached a pic from this weekend.  We love her so much.  She really is an incredible dog.  Thanks again!


UPDATE on Maddie pictured farther down the page

Howdee Alice,

  Hope all is going well for you.  Here is a picture of Maddie.  She is still a wonderful dog and great companion.A very sweet girl.  She only knows two speeds, Fast and Faster!!   She should be on a track.  Loves the outdoors and its "all about playing.   She loves to catch tennis balls in her mouth and loves playing ball and frisbee's. I'll forward some other pictures to you soon. She just had her shots in February and she weighs 45 pounds and Dr. Hudspeth says he is very happy with her weight and her physical form.  She looks good.  She has a boyfriend named "Boone".  She will run and play with him till she is exhausted.  Thats pretty much what she likes to do.  She gets along with all dogs. 


UPDATE ON "SPARTACUS & MARMITES" (pictured farther down the page) now living in Ma.

Hi Alice we got Spartacus from you in June 2007(born March 30, 2007) and our neighbor upstairs got Marmite in February 2008(born November 23rd 2007). They continue to thrive and are the best of friends. I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see how beautiful they have grown.


Update on "KATHY" & "KEVIN" aka "OLIVIA" & "JACE" picture farther down the page now living in S.C. with Andrew, Sara, and family.


This is "JAX" aka "DYLAN" now living in S.C. with Chandra and family.

Hey Alice!! Been meaning to email for 2 weeks. Jax is a lump of love. He is happy healthy and growing like a weed. He weighed 14 lbs at vet appt last Tuesday. He is going thru a growth spurt I guess bc we can't fill him up. Children are having a ball with him. He has been such a sweet boy. We've stocked up on chewy toys and so far they have taken the brunt of the teething. Hope you are well and HAPPY EASTER!!


(Btw I'm bribing him w this baby moosie trying to get a still picture. Being still is one thing the boy has not mastered)

This is "OLIVER" One of the Schnockers with his new 4 legged friend "Kassi"

Hi Alice,
I wanted to share some pictures of Oliver and our Chocolate lab, Kassi. They're getting along great! Oliver is such a brave boy, he plays with her like he thinks he's as big as her, and he follows her around like a little brother would a big sister! It's adorable :)

This is "GREYSON" (a Blue Boxer) now living in England with Christine

Hi Alice,

We love our little boy Greyson. He is very clever. He can open our front door and the door to the garage. He just decides to go outside and he simply goes! He has learned to ask and wait for us. He is funny and soooo sweet. But he has never been alone. He has a friend he stays with during the middle day hours. He loves our horses and never misses a chance to go with us riding. When I feed him, he is so gentle and usually touches his nose to me in a, "doggy thank you" way.

The other day our Greyson found a man in the forest half frozen to death, literally, and with no shoes on! Greyson alerted attention and stayed with the man until help came. Another couple of hours and the man would not have had a chance. All of the emergency people congratulated Greyson. Our little boy was so humble and eloquent, he turned to the people, raised a paw and said, "Ahh schucks you guys, it's just little 'ol me". Everyone laughed, then, Greyson continued along his day in a normal doggy way!

Thanks Alice for such sweet special animals!

This is "ROCKY & APOLLO" now living in Texas with Betty and family

Here’s a little update on Rocky and Apollo!

They live in Houston, TX and will be 5 on 4/16! We got them in July of 2008 and they are awesome!

You can post on your puppies past page if you like!

This is "KEVIN" aka "JACE" and "KATHY" aka "OLIVIA" now living in S.C. with Andrew & Sara and their 3 boys.


The boys absolutely love "jace" is is snuggled on the couch next to me right now. He had a great car ride home and seems to be adjusting well. The problem is my wife also wants Olivia. How do you think Olivia and jace would be growing up together? Please be in touch, if you think it would work I would like to get back down there tomorrow, late morning to pick her up. I guess I should have asked the question prion to leaving.....

Thanks again,


UPDATE on "MACK" aka "ICE" now living with Jonathon & Megan in Delaware

Mack is our pride and joy. As expected he became a BIG boy!  He is enjoying the beach..all 85 pounds of him..he is a great boy with the sweetest disposition you have ever seen. He always is highly complimented. Thank you again

This is "BRANDY" now living in N.C. with Andy and his family.


Thank you so much for "Brandy"! The sweet girl and I made it home safe after a long ride, which she slept 7 hours in my lap. We still haven't picked her name but have a long list we narrowed down. My wife and kids have been thrilled with her (especially my daughter who is our little dog whisperer), we are having a hard time getting her to do anything else even eat because she wants to spend all her time with the new pup. We will send pictures and updates for you to see soon and post on your web site if you like. It was great to meet you and we'll be in touch.

Thanks so much,


This is "MACK" aka "JAKE" now living in Maryland with Elvir & family.

Hi Alice,
Sorry that it took so long to sand you some pictures of our Mack( Jake). He is such a great addition to our family. My kids have a blast with him running around our backyard, when we take him for walks all we hear is compliments about him. Thank you so much.

p.s please let me know that you got the pictures


This is "MASERATI" aka "TANNER" now living in California with Masumi

This is "OZZIE" aka "BACARDI' now living in Maryland with Jill, Christopher and family..

Hi, Alice! Things are going great with Ozzie! He has an awesome personality and is already learning fast! The other dogs are doing great with him! Do you get text messages? I sent you a few pictures. I took him to the vet today and all is well!  

This is "KAJA" aka "ALLIE" now living with the Smith family in Alabama

just wanted to let you know that she went to the vet yesterday
to get her flu shot booster and she weighs 30 1/2 lbs at 17 weeks !!!
i attached some pics for you .she is doing really good and we love her !!!

This is an update on "ISSEY" now living with Christine in Arizona.

Greetings Alice, Issey now 5 Years old is the Love of my life!!!

This is "CALI RAYNE" aka "RAYNE" now living in New York with Bill & Kevyn and her new brother.

She is adjusting so well!! We love her:-)

This is an update on "MADISON" pictured further down the page. Now living in Savannah with Cheryl

Here is little Madison Harlow Monroe of Savannah. She is One year old today. She is beautiful and a wonderful dog and companion.

I wanted to share these pics with you. How are you doing? How is Molly doing? Any more puppies? I hope all is well for you.

Madison is such a GREAT dog!! She has filled my heart with lots of love and compassion. She gets along well with other dogs

and she shoudl be the Rabbit on the Derby track. She is such an athletic dog, loves to run, out run other dogs and they can never catch

her. She is crate trained and very well behaved. She is always with someone and I have house sitters for her when I am gone.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Lots of paw hugs!!



This is "BRUNO" with his new family in Mn.

This is an update on "VOGUE" aka KASSITY" pictured further down the page. She now lives in Ga. with A.J. & family.


Here is our vogue @ 10months. Dont remember if you remember when we got her from you but she is a great dog with tons of potential. Just wanted to shoot you an updated picture of the lovely girl. Thanks again

This is "RUBY" aka "CASSIDY" now living in Massachusetts with Candy along with her new boxer brothers "Cash" & "Trek'

Hi Alice,
I just sent you a few pics of ruby. She is by far the best puppy I have ever had! She adores both of her brothers.

 Here she is on super bowl Sunday with her big brother cash. She watches television all of the time.

She loves to snuggle. Thanks again, candy from Massachusetts


Hi Alice,
Sorry for the delayed response. My PC would not let me send photos.

Greyson 'aka Mason' is doing very well. We are now back in Germany. Greyson handeled the flight like a true aristocrat. We are settling in. Greyson wins everyones Heart. He still has the little White spot on his nose and we Love it.

I attached a couple of photos taken while we were in Florida. I will send an update soon.

Thank you Alice.


This is "MAGGIE" aka "CHELSEA" now living with Mary & her family in Arkansas.

Good Morning Alice,
I just wanted to tell you how much my mother and I are enjoying Maggie.  She is such a wonderful, playful puppy.  She is catching on to the house training very well.  She is a very intelligent dog, not to mention she is beautiful.  She was a little shy the first day, but not any more.  She loves to play with her toys and run outside.  She is a real joy to have as a member of our family.
Thank You so much for allowing Maggie to live with us.  She will have a wonderful home.

UPDATE ON "GABRIEL" It's a Hard Life

He loves his mommy.

This is "GABRIEL" aka "Cruz" now living in N.C. with Phyllis & Ron

We sent a few pictures to you today.  Isn't he a cutie? He's a dear puppy, and we love him so much

as does Simon, our older dog.  He seems to have two speeds -- off and on!  What a fireball he can be


This is "SHELBY" now living in Ga. with Larry & Charlotte

  It has been 4 years since I have been in contact, Shelby is now 5 years old and is beginning to grey around the
jaws. She is so smart and everyone says that she is “one step close to being a human”. The mailman brings her a treat and the neighbors come by to play with her, she loves the grandkids and is a best friend to all of us. This is our 3rd boxer and is the best. She loves her treats and will do anything to please. I just happened to check on the internet and was pleased to see that you are still in business and I enjoyed looking at all the puppies, what beautiful
  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU........Larry and Charlotte Richter

This is "OTIS" aka "JETT" now living in Virginia with Tricia & Scott

Hi there, just wanted to share a few pictures of Otis (Jett).

He is doing well here and loves to play and sleep!

We are enjoying him- he’s getting bigger already!

       Tricia and Scott

This is "ELLA" aka "EBONY" now living in California with the Tolosa's.

Happy New Year Alice!

Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday. Sorry it took so long to send these pictures out to you.
Ella still acts very much like the puppy that she is, by "hopping" which we love!
Ella has brought much joy and excitement to everyone, especially the Daycare children.
Her temperament is one of the best features about her. She is sweet and caring around all the children and our other cats and dogs.  She even likes the chickens!
She still is learning how to act around the horses at the ranch.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year,

The Tolosa Family

This is "MADISON" now living in Savanna with Cheryl & Tom

Here are some pic s of Madison from Tom's phone.  Enjoy!!

UPDATE ON "MACK" aka "ICE" pictured further down the page.

Happy holidays from mack(ice) now 83 pounds

Mack is doing great. He is super smart and loves to play run and be chased around! He is a super friendly guy very queit but doesn't like people coming up to his front door  unannounced  ( he likes to guard his home) he is such a great dog and I think he will probably end up in the high 80 pound range

This is "WILSON" now living in Florida with the Forte's.

This is "SABER" now living with Derick who plays for the Harlem Globetrotters

Hi Alice,

I bought Saber from you in April of 2009 while I was living in New Jersey. To make a long story short, I play for the Harlem Globetrotters and I was chosen to appear on billboards around the city of Baltimore with Saber. The ads are for the Mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Commission. Saber has truly brought a new meaning to "man's best friend" and I thank you for breeding such beautiful dogs. Hope you enjoy the photos, thanks again.


This is "ASPEN" now living in Tx. whith Amanda & Stu

Hi Alice:
Aspen is the love of our lives, a very smart and energetic lady.  She has just passed her Intermediate obedience call and is headed to advanced next year.  She loves to run with us, although she mostly chases our feet and her favorit thing is to jump all over her 13 yr old boxer brother Sebastian.  She loves Austin TX.  We have lakes and trails and a lot of things for her to get into so she explores every one of them.  What an adventurer she turned out to be.

Thank you for all of your support

Kind regards,

Amanda and Stu

This is "WHISKY" aka "TALON" now living in Florida with Sean

This is "ADDY" aka "KILEY" now living with Liz and her family in S.C.

Hey Alice,
I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our Addy.  She is such a sweet and calm girl we are all so in love with her.  She can sit already, can almost shake and will not jump up.  Her dog companions welcomed her with lots of running and playing.  Yesterday I took her into the pool and she acts like she can swim.  I know she can but I am afraid to just let her go.  My daughter Katie and Donovan bought Bacall's litter mate I can't remember her litter name but her new name is Ruby and she is adorable and having a great time with them.  I just returned from NC so the two girls got together yesterday for the first time and had a blast running and playing in the back yard.  I will send you a picture of them together.
I went on your website and as usual you have beautiful babies.
Take care and I will keep you in touch.
In the pictures is Toby (our brindle Frenchie), Addy and Oliver (our older pied Frenchie)
Thank you again for allowing us to bring her home to our family

This is an update on"MADDIE" pictured further down the page now living with Jordon & Tom in Ga.

Hey Alice, here are some more pictures of our baby girl, Maddie. She 
has been a sweetheart and we love her like she is one of our kids.  
She is still tiny weighing in at 40lbs but eats like a pig! We will 
periodically update you with more pictures of Maddie! Take care.

This is "ROSIE" aka "MADISON" now living with Lynn & Mike in Florida.

 As you can see Rosie is a beautiful pup.  She weighs 10 pounds now and is quite a character.  She barks, growls, howls and follows Mike everywhere he goes

This is "TAFFY" aka "TYNE" now living in Florida with the Foster Family.

I thought you’d like a few pics of Taffy.  Actually, we call her Sassy-Taffy because she’s such a rascal and rambunctious. She’s absolutely gorgeous and raises hell with the other dogs. If I’m drinking something while sitting in my easy chair she jumps up and licks my lips. She’s all legs right now but is filling out nicely.  Her knuckles above her paws are bigger than I would have expected so I think she’ll be more than seventeen pounds as you thought. 

Here’s the latest pics taken on the 25th (attached)  

We already had her spade and all shots brought up to date; we also had a chip put in her neck and have her registered with the company that tracks lost dogs… 


This is "VOGUE" aka "KASSIDY" now living in Ga. with A.J. & family

This is AJ  (My wife and I bought KASSIDY from you now known as "vogue").

    Vogue is doing well and I have attached a picture of her sleeping for you to see! Thanks again

This is "TAI" aka "CAPRI" now living in Illinois with Andrea & Gabriel.

Good morning Alice,

Tai is doing good.   She loves to eat!!!!!  She is a tiny little thing!!!  Tai is lovable, loves to sleep on your neck, she can't sit next to you while drinking coffee, has to be on your lap!!! 
It is like taking care of a brand new baby. HARD WORK.  had one melt down, but we love her sooooo much.
She knows how to sit, potty is going pretty well, she goes for a walk every night, runs on her leash, loves to see people and dogs, she gets very excited!!  I finally trained her for sleeping in her crate at night, but during the day  she loves her bed!! 
Her little barking has to go, but we are working on it.  It really only happens before eating time and playing, but she's just having fun!!
Tai is Very delicious!!
I'll keep you posted.

This is "BRISTOL aka "BACALL" now living in Georgia with Lauren & Family

Here are the pics of Bristol i told you i  would send. Arent they Precious? :) Thanks again, We Love her!!! :)

This is "MONTE" aka "AVALANCHE" now living in Florida with Michael & Carolyn

Morning Alice -
I have been meaning to write you and let you know what a joy our white boxer puppy with one blue eye has brought to our home.  He is now known as "Monty" and just weighed in at 26 lbs. and looks as if he has doubled in size.  Gone is the little puppy with so many wrinkles he almost looked like a Sharpei.  He is very active, loves to play in the pool, and just graduated from puppy school.  We look forward to many, many years of loyal affection and companionship.    Michael & Carolyn , FL
Alice -
Any time you're down Naples way please stop in - pool is always open!!     Actually Michael and Monty are in the pool right now.  The day we brought him home from you he was in the pool and swimming.  He has only fallen in once and turned around and swam to the ledge.
He did very well in his classes.  Lucky us, he was the only one so he got private lessons.  We work with him ALL the time.  Potty training was easy but he does not go to the door or let us know by whining or barking.  We make it a habit of taking him out at certain times, no more than two hours between.  We are having an issue with biting and are hoping once he gets over the teething it will stop.
He sleeps in his "fort" in our room at night and sleeps through from 10pm to 6:30am.  He has done this from day one.
Only bad thing is our puppy is growing by leaps and bounds - I wish he could have stayed small and wrinkly.  We have two ragdoll cats 8 and 10 years old who wish Monty would disappear.
Happy 4th of July,
Michael and Carolyn

This is "MACK aka "ICE" now living with Jon & Megan in Delaware

Hi Alice!

i hope all is well! Mack aka Ice is doing wonderful! he is almost potty trained and is walking well on his leash. :D He is also getting better with his crate training. His favorite toys are his stuff-less stuffed animals and his rawhide. He just figured out how to play with his kong and his tennis ball both of which keep him very occupied. He definitely has a thing for burrowing in pillows, it is quite funny but he loves it! Mack's little pink nose is just about all filled in and he has gained a ton of little gray spots all over his skin which makes him super adorable! His left eye even has some black around it. I swear he gets more and more little spots by the week! haha :D Mack has made a wonderful fit to our family, we couldn't have asked for a better boxer puppy! Thank you so much Alice! We will keep in touch and send more photos!
Love, Jon and Megan

This is "YOUK" aka "DIEGO" now living in Maryland with Amber & Andrew

Hi Alice,

Thank you so much for everything. Youk had a safe trip to Baltimore on Friday and has been playful and energetic ever since his arrival--aside from his much needed naps throughout the day! Youk is such a joy and has adjusted nicely to his new home, family and friends. He loves people and is extra special to children and loves to play with other dogs too. 

Youk had his first visit to the vet on Saturday morning and was very good. He weighs 12.5 pounds and is scheduled for his final round of vaccinations on June 18. We also have started him on adult food and he has been having quite an appetite. On Sunday, Youk had his first visit with his half brother, Chase, who has the same dad as him. Chase was extremely excited to meet Youk and was extra playful all afternoon. Youk and Chase will be able to visit and play with one another on a regular basis. 

Youk is the perfect addition to our family and fits in perfectly. We love his energetic and playful nature and sincere love for his new mom and dad. We are all inseparable. 

Thank you again for everything. We have attached a few photos for you.

Take care,
Amber & Drew

This is "TORA" now living in Alaska with Chuck & his family

Hello Alice,
I am sending you a update and pictures of our boxer Tora aka "Dancer" when she was with you.  She has proven to be the best companion that I could have hoped for.  No matter where I went, she was always at my side!  She enjoyed chewing on any papers laying around the house and always found a way into mischief if not supervised and this was mostly my fault.  Under a watchful eye she became one of my best friends.  She loves to chew on various things but her favorite is branches.  I swear she is part woodchuck!  She learned potty training quickly and has proven eager to please with training and only requiring praise as her reward.  I have since moved her to our permanent home in Alaska with my family and she immediately attached herself to my oldest daughter (16).  We were worried about her integration with our other pets but has become playmates with our 2 year old Papillion, but not so much as our 8 year old boxer as the boxer is to set in her ways but tolerates Tora.  She has proven quite protective over the entire family, she does not tolerate any horseplay or slapping around between any of us, we feel she will be a great guard dog if the need arises. 
I did ship her air freight to Alaska as I did not feel that a few weeks being cooped up in a truck with my driving would be fair to her.  Once I got home to Alaska I was literally tackled by her as she was so happy to see me!  Its hard to believe that she had grown so much in less than a month!
She loves to go on walks and is great off lead.  One other worry we had as I stated when I bought her was how she would tolerate the snow and cold as we have a abundance of both here in Alaska.  Well, she loves it.  She loves to go out and play around regardless of the temperature and we have land to spare for that!  I have included some pictures of her progression so far.  She has had many visits to the vet and we have come to the conclusion that she was and will remain a small boxer which is fine by us. 
One last thing, I was not aware that boxers were bird dogs, she doesn’t really care about any birds outside but she is dead set on killing our family Cockatiel who spends most of his time outside his cage as he has for the past 15 years.  She is fine with the bird as long as he is on his cage but is ready to attack anytime he is anywhere else much less hanging out on us. 
I have attached but a few of my favorite photos, we all have many of her and can send more if you like.  I thought you would like these to prove that boxers love the snow!
Thank you for such a bundle of joy that is in my life!
Take care
(RET) MSgt Chuck R.  USAF

This is "KYRA" now living with Tom in Texas

This is "KONA" aka "AUSTIN" now living in Pa. with Erin & family and her new doggy sister "KALUHA"


She is doing great. Only took her one day to come out of her shell.

Her and kahlua are getting along great. Here are some pictures!!



This is "Madison" now living in N.C. with Lorrie & Alice

Hi Alice
We met you at the cracker barrel where we got our special new part of 
the family. Thought you might enjoy some pictures of Madison, she is 
all grown up now! I have been taking her to puppy training and she is 
doing great. She is such a lover, and full of energy! Sometimes can be 
a little stinker and harasses our cavalier. But who can get mad at 
that face! Everyone says she is the most beautiful pup they have ever 
seen. And her fluffy paws are unreal. Thank you so much for our 
wonderful addition to the family.
Best wishes,
Alice and Lorrie

This is "ABBY" aka "BEAM" now living in Illinois with Mario, Monica, and family

Hi Mrs. Alice
Abby is doing great.  She have seen the vet twice since we picked her up from you ,next week she is due for another series of shots and then as our vet said she can be around other dogs - that should be fun :). We want to thank you for her once more she is adorable and beautiful pup that brought so much joy and happiness to our house.

Hi Mrs. Alice when Nika saw Abby's pics on your website page
she complained why isn't she with her , so here they are best pals ever :)  

One more pic I just can't resist sharing this with you , she is so beautiful and perfectly build did I said smart too :) Monica J

This is "TYSON" aka "MARTINI" now living in Ca. with Amy and Nick.

Hi Alice!!!
It has been almost a month since we have had little Tyson, and I just wanted to shar some pictures of the little guy!
He is such a good boy! Potty trained and all!!!
He is quite the little biter recently, so we are working on that. And he is being enrolled in private puppy classes soon :) We can't wait to see what he looks like all grown up! We will def keep you updated I hope you are doing well, lets talk soon!

This is "JAGAR" aka "KNIGHT" now living in Ga. with Peggy and her family

Hello my name is Cliff . I am one of the prould owners of Jäger and are glad to have him as part of the family.  His is very playful and has taken to the other four legged family members very well.  We have him in a medium sized corral at nights or while away. The other evening I put him in his fenced area while we went out to dinner.  When we arrived home, I walked inside and was greeted by a little black bundle of energy with his stump wagging wildly.  It was then I noticed his personal collection in the middle of the floor.  Jäger had taken about half a dozen items, important to him, and piled them in the middle of the floor.  This in itself was humorous but even moreso was the fact that a rescue boxer we had, "Sarge" did the same thing.  Anyway he is doing well and I enjoy watching him play and have fun.  I have included a couple pictures.
Thank You!

This is "Gabe & Alexa" now living in Virginia with Mary.

Dear Alice, 

It’s hard to believe, but Gabe, Alexa and I are just past celebrating a 1 month anniversary!  They are both doing fine and I already love them dearly!  I will attach several pictures to this message, which you are welcome to post on your website, and I will send more in the coming months.  Gabe is now 49 pounds and Alexa is 40 … but it’s all growing and their ribs are still showing.  They love to play together and at this point share one crate.  Gabe has an easy going temperament and from the beginning has proved to be a natural retriever.  He needed absolutely no training to go fetch, bring back, and drop at your feet whatever you throw for him.  He particularly likes squeaky things and has again and again shown an openness to new “friends” … my son’s girlfriend’s German Sheppard, my cat, and other small and large dogs we meet on walks.  Alexa is smart, but far more cautious, defensive and sometimes fearful.  She has bonded to me very well, but she relies on me for reassurance whenever anyone/anything new comes into the environment.  Her favorite game is tug-of-war, yet recently she has also become determined to show me that she can retrieve as well as Gabe.  (Gabe is still the most reliable about bringing and dropping toys directly in front of me to throw again.  Very recently he has adopted a pattern of deciding that Alexa hasn’t brought the toy right to me and will pick it up and move and drop it closer to my feet.) 

House breaking these two has been a challenge, given their age and kennel upbringing.  But we are just about to consistently perfect days.  I read in one of the Boxer books I’ve purchased recently that a good way of training was to hang a bell on the door and use peanut butter to first get the dogs to ring the bell at the door and later to reward them for letting you know that they wanted to go outside and do their business.  Based upon my experience, I would highly recommend this method for anyone buying older puppies raised in a kennel environment.  I had an old set of 6 Christmas bells (reindeer type ball bells) on a leather strap, which I cut in two and hung one of each part from the two doors I wanted Gabe and Alexa to use to signal that they needed to go outside.  In my experience with other dogs, I have trained them to bark close to the door when they wanted to go outside.  Now I’m not sure how I am going to get Gabe and Alexa to do the same, but the bell ringing has certainly saved me from their scratching the doors!  

I’ve gotten both Gabe and Alexa on their heartworm med routine, as well as Frontline.  Sometime shortly after they came, I think that Alexa bite the tip of Gabe’s ear in their rough-house playing.  I had been treating the wound, but took Gabe to my vet last week, because I was concerned about the slow healing.  My vet said that she thought the wound was healing alright, but found that Gabe had a yeast infection in his ear for which she gave me drops.  In addition to these drops I am continuing to apply an antibiotic silver ointment to Gabe’s ear wound and in the last couple of days it is looking much better.  I am also reprimanding and putting a stop to these two from doing such rough housing, as they are sometimes inclined to do.  (I call it “Boxy Puppy.”)  Alexa is an incredible “dancer” and a bit of a “nipper.”  But she responds quickly to my reprimands in this regard.  On the very positive side, she has been the quickest to learn what I expect in terms of house training and often sets the example and then “prompts” Gabe to get on with doing his business in a timely fashion.

I’ve had many, many compliments on both of these puppies from other people. 

I haven’t checked your website recently, but hope that all is well with your new arrivals!

Sincerely,  Mary

This is "TUX" now living in Georgia with Josh & Krista.

Hi Alice,

I wanted to send you some pictures of Tux. We just love him so much, and he is such a wonderful dog! I have attached some pictures of his progression since we picked him up in September!


This is "JAZZ" now living in Ga. with the Harpe family.

Hi Alice,
Jazz is doing great, what a bundle of energy!  Her favorite activities include tearing around the backyard chasing her ball or relaxing on the sofa next to us. She catches on fast too, only had to demonstrate how the stairs work once and now she flies on them. Potty training is progressing well and she already knows how to sit on command.  Still a little shy, she's starting to get used to everyone, with my daughter as her favorite "human". Given a choice, she always wants to hang out with her.  I've attached a video and included pictures in a separate email.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
The Harpe family

This is "Casey & "Paige" now living with Cathy & Jay in Washington.

Hi Alice~

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  Sorry it has taken awhile to get these to you.  He has received all his shots and rabies vaccinations too!! He and Paige are getting along SO well and just love each other…they follow each other around, it is quite cuteJ.  He is also learning his obedience signals fairly well because Paige sets a good example for himJ.  I went ahead and attached some pics of them for you!!

Thanks again


Gracie aka "jade" now living in Boston enjoying the snow :) almost 2 years old we've had her since august 2009 and love her sooooo much!!!! She's the best little angel!

This is "SCARLETT" now living in Tn. with Jerry & Mina

Hi Alice,
It was a long trip, we got home 9:30 pm. We took turns between driving, and holding Scarlett - needless to say she is being spoiled by us. She didn't eat much yesterday, but did drink bottled water. She ate good this morning at 7am. She only had one accident in her crate around 2am, but was fine at 4am, 6am, & 8am with dry clean crate and pottied outside from 2am on. She has already learned routine of which door to I take her out. She is so sweet and lovable that I am not sure who is spoiling who. Everyone here loves her, and she loves the attention. She is laying at my feet now with her head resting on my shoe looking up at me.
Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful little girl.
Sincerely, Jerry & Mina


This is "ENZO" aka "WINK" & "VITA" aka "BRISTOL" along with their new canine brother "Jack" now living in Ca. with Amanda & John and Family


This is "MADDIE" now living in North Georgia with the Hickman Family

She is doing good. She will not leave our other dog Mikey's tail alone and it is driving him crazy! She is very playful and has been a good girl for us. Everybody LOVES her. She gets more compliments than anybody I have ever seen. She loves all the attention. She hasn't had any accidents the past few days but she is still working on her house training. We don't trust her to not pee in the house because she will just up and pee right there in front of us, but she had definitely improved. She is a joy and we are so glad she is apart of our family.We do have more pictures. You can't tell how big she has gotten in them but they are really cute pictures of her. I will send you a few more.



Hi Alice,

Here are some pictures of Paulie and Kole.  They love playing with each other.  They were at the soccer field this weekend, and we got so many compliments on how good looking and well behaved they are.  We were so proud of our babies. I also gave out your website to several people.  Hope all is well.


This is "HENNESSY" aka "MEGAN" and "REMI" now living with Ceasar and his family in New York

This is "JETT" now living with Carissa and her family in California

This is my favorate one! I'll have to take some current ones to send you!

This is "JAXX" aka "NAVY" now living in Tn. with Bill and his family

Here are some pics I took today.  The little girl is my granddaughter.  She says, “Jax is my Great Dane Dog.”  He really loves her.  Chases her around everywhere.

Hope you like and I will send more in a week or so.


This is "BELLA" aka "AQUA" now living in Pa, with Cindy & family.

she is very spoiled.she did really good at the vet she's 16 lbs they told us to keep her on the adult food. she got 1 shot and her heart worm pill we take her back on the 25 for another shot.she told us not to take her to public parks until she gets her rabbi shot. she wasn't old enough to get it yesterday she will get it Sept 15th.she did tell us if we are not gonna mate her we should think about getting her fixed. please tell me what your thoughts on that is. we are not mating her.

This is "BLACKJACK now ling with Caryl & Marc in N.Y.

Hi Alice,
         Blackjack (AKA Kayne) is ONE today!!!! He celebrated his birthday with some peanut butter dog ice cream! He is a good boy and has been an awesome addition to our family:) He has a wonderful personality, very playful and curious:) We wanted to share a few pictures with you, so you can see how much he has grown. He weighs about 68 pounds!
                                                      Caryl and Marc


Hi Alice,
Thought you would like to see pictures of Oreo now 2 years old.  She is so sweet and gives the softest best kisses in the world.  She didn't get very big, only about 45 lbs.  She is perfect. 


This is "DIXIE" aka "MOON" now living in N.C. with Amanda & Chris.

Hi Alice!
She is so smart! Hardly any accidents in the house at all- and usually she has let us know first and we didn't catch her in time.
Here are some new pictures for you! : )
Thank you for sending the paperwork- we have received it! Dixie is doing well in her cast, she is full of energy and very sweet.
We will keep you in the loop as far as her recovery!

THIS IS "MAX" aka "COLT" now living in Florida with Nicole and her family.

Hello Alice,
Max went to the vet yesterday or his 8 week old shots & he is doing great. He weighs 8 lbs and a happy boy.
He is a happy little guy & getting along with the other dogs & baby. Potty training is going really good & he goes to the door when has to go out.  Still working on the crate - he does not like to be confined!

Attached a few cute pictures! 

We love him!! Thank you!!

Nicole & Darren Carr

This is "GEORGIA" aka "MADISON" now living in Va. with Ann , Ron, & her new sister "Taylor"

Hello Alice,

I'm sorry I haven't written or sent photos to you of Georgia a.k.a.
Madison.  Before any more time went by I wanted to send you and update. 
The name Georgia fits her perfectly every where we take  her people
Oooo! and Ahhhh! over her and what a pretty puppy she is even our vet
thinks she's perfect of course so do we.  She's sweet, smart, playful,
loving, funny and cuddly .  She has been so easy to train she loves a
pat on the head when she follows a command
actually she is motivated by food and prefers a training treat over a 
pat on the head. :-D   She'll be 8 months old on May 12 and she's a
healthy 45 lbs.  Some photos are attached for you.  Thanks so much Alice
we love our little girl!

Ann & Ron Ruecker


This is "BLACKJACK" aka "KAYNE" now living with Caryl & Marc in New York

Hi Alice,
     Just wanted to send some new pictures of Blackjack(Kayne) He is getting big fast and loves the snow!!!!! He is a very active dog and we are having a lot of fun with him. He has been housetrained now for awhile and sleeps on his bed at night he is only caged when we work!  He is a great dog and we are so happy to have him! We hope you like these pictures, he is 6 months old now.
                                                                               Caryl & Marc

This is "JOSIE" now living in Atlanta with Camille & her family

These are not the best pictures but she is having a blast in the snow.  She also loves my crochet basket.
The kids also loved giving her a bath.  Chris finally went to her rescue as they started to rinse her. 
Have a great weekend.

This is "SOPHIE" aka "TANGO" now living in N.Y. with Danielle & Jeremy

Hi Alice!  Hope you are doing well.  Below are a bunch of pictures we took over Presidents Day weekend with our new pup Sophie!  We took her to Chicago to teach her how to swim and play in the snow!  She is doing very well.  We just signed up for puppy classes and are very excited to see how she does.  She is learning and growing very fast and is truly a great dog!  Thank you for all your help.

Keep in Touch,

Danielle + Jeremy

UPDATE on "Paulie" aka "Boone" now living in Delaware with Stephanie & family

Hi Alice,

I thought you would like to see Paulie (aka Boone) at one year.  He is so beautiful.

Also, I saw that you have a litter of black flashy pups. I would love to see pictures as we might be interested in a friend for Paulie.  Our 16 year old pomeranian passed away last month, and I think Paulie is lonely.  Thanks


This is "Ashley" now living in Texas with Angela , Dan and her new big brother "Cody.

    Little Ashely is doing great.... Cody (her big brother) loves her, and is already very protective. She doesn't seem to like sleeping in the kennel, so she has joined us in bed at night. We have not had any accidents in the house, I think I picked the perfect puppy! Dan is out of town until Friday morning, with the camera.... I will send you pictures on Friday. Thanks so much, we are so pleased with our little girl,

This is "NICO" now living in Puerto Rico with Ana


Update on "SYDNEY" now living in Va. with Bob & Cindy

Hi Alice,
Here are some pictures of Syd in the snow.  She loves it!!!  .


This is "BRANDY" now living in Texas with Sandia & family.

Hi Alice,

Just to let you know Brandy is doing just great and growing so fast!

She was 17.4 lbs. at the vet last week.  She is just a fantastic pup

and coming along really well with her house training.

Hope all is well with you and you are staying warm!



UPDATE on "Cornelius & Catalina" now living in Ca. with Susan, Michael, & new baby brother "Kellan"

Hi Alice, 

Pictures of Catalina and Cornelius with their San Diego Chargers gear on and then a second picture of the pooches and Kellan.   Catalina and Cornelius celebrated their respective 1st and 2nd birthdays this past December.   Our son Kellan was born in early November.

We are so happy that we decided to get Catalina so that Cornelius would have a buddy.   The two of them are inseparable.   They are great with the baby as well.   Catalina gives Kellan “kisses” good morning each day.  Cornelius is very protective of him and gets upset when he cries.  

We are one big happy family!

This is "NILAH" & "NATE" now living in Atlanta with Kristin & D.J.

The puppies are doing great. They are getting bigger and have adjusted 
to their new surrounding very well. We sure do love these guys.



This is "NOVA" aka "DENIM" now living in California with Michael

I love her...



This is "GEORGIA" now living in N.C. with Dan & his family

Hi Alice,

Im just sending you an email to let you know Georgia is doing just fine! She's getting used to the new environment slowly. She did not like the leash at first, but Saturday night we had her walking on the leash without a problem! She's not perfect on the leash but she is just fantastic. She's had a few accidents going to the bathroom inside, but this morning for the first time she pooped on the sidewalk as soon as we got outside, then we place a paper towel wither her pee on the grass and she went right there! Also, she loves her crate and bed inside of it.

She's been a doll, we love her.

We'll keep you updated!



This is "ZOE" now living in Chicago with Ellery

Hi Alice,
How are you? This is Ellery, Zoe's (originally known as a Logan) owner from Atlanta but now in Chicago.  Just wanted to pass along these pictures of her, the outdoor photos were taken at the dog beach here in Chicago.  She's up to almost 40 lbs. now and doing well. 
Best regards,

This is "SYDNEY" now living in Virginia with Bob & Cindy

Bob did not like me dressing her up!!!  

She's a great dog.


This is "MAXIMUS" aka "SPADE"now living with Greg in R.I.

HI alice....
Here are some update pics of maximus.. He is doing great
and weighs about 35lbs.   I will keep you posted with pics.

This is "SABER" now living in New Jersey with Derick & Family.


This is "DAYNE" now living in Virginia with Nate & his family

Hey Alice our first night was a very easy adjustment! "Dayne" (which 
we have decided to keep ) was timid at first but warmed up quickly 
once she thought she was okay. There were a lot of visitors here last 
night -inlaws and friends anxious to meet our new addition and she 
seemed friendly to all. Our daughter was curious at first but laughs 
and runs away soon as Dayne comes close . She dosnt really let me out 
of her sight already she stays velcroed to my leg. The cats could care 
less and Dayne let's out a bark when they run around but dosnt really 
care either. Fortunately no accidents in the house last night - she 
slept in our room on the floor and didn't make a sound surely 
exhausted from a long day. She's a really sweet girl and I will send 
your white copy tomorrow thanks again - Nate
Heres Dayne and our cat Noir

This is "SHORTY" aka "Cheyenne" now living in Arizona with Tina, Joe, & Hanna.

Hello from Yuma, AZ.! 
My wife Tina, my daughter Hanna, and I have enjoyed Shorty's (formerly Cheyenne) company now since February of 2007 and she has been perfect in absolutely every way!  She is amazing with our daughter (five years old) as well as the neighborhood kids.  She's never once been on a leash except to the vet and to the pet store and she goes everywhere with her Daddy!  Thank you for breeding such a perfect household pet!  Here are a few pictures of her time with us...
Joe, Tina, Hanna, and Shorty Twomey

This is "Michael-Jaxon" aka "ACE" now living in Georgia with Sabine.


I couple of months ago.  I named him Michael-Jaxon, and he is doing very well.  He’s loved by everyone in the neighborhood.  He’ll be 4 months on August 16!ached pics for you.

Sabine & Michael-Jaxon


This is "PAULIE" aka "BOONE" now living in Delaware with Stephanie and her family.

Dear Alice,
I wanted to let you know that Paulie is such a wonderful addition to our family. We have received so many compliments on his temperament and beauty.  Paulie has been to soccer games, the park, and to the beach.  He loves to socialize and is well mannered.  He is great with the kids and is as gentle as he can be with our pomeranian.  We love so much.  Thank you for raising such wonderful boxers.
Warmest Regards, 

UPDATE on 'TANK" now living in N.C. with Cristy

I thought you might want to see a picture of Tank (Diego on your website). You shipped him to WV a year ago. We are living in North Carolina now. He is the most amazing dog!!! Enjoy the picture!
Take care,

Here's an UPDATE ON "LULU" pictured earlier further down this page

Hi Alice,
   Hope all is well.  Today is Lulu's first birthday and she is having a
good day.  These pictures make her look smaller than she really is.  She is
actually taller than Jay is now.  She weighs about 51 lbs now.

   She is still such a sweet little  thing.  I am so glad we have her.
Thanx again.


This is "SPARTACUS" now living with Eileen & Rich and "MARMITES" now living with Dave in Massachuset. BEST FRIENDS

Hi Alice,
Thought you may like to see how two of your fabulous puppies are doing.
Spartacus( was chopper) and Marmite ( was Kalhua) are growing into such lovely dogs, they are the best of friends and bring our families many hours of fun.
Eileen & Rich, Spartacus mom and dad.
Dave, Marmites dad.

This is "Roxy" aka "Morgan" now living with Carole, John & family in Califoria.

Meet Roxy.
The kids are going crazy over her. Mia especially she 's been carrying her around like a baby. It's too funny.
Hope you guys all had a great Christmas and enjoy all to come in the new year.
Happy 2009!
Carole, John, Ty and Mia

This is "Cookie" aka "Brinn" now living in Illinois with her new sister "Sheba" & Pam and family


Just wanted to update you on little Cookie.  She is the smartest puppy I have encountered!  She already knows half a dozen commands & is well along the way on potty training.  Everyone loves her, including the big dog, Sheba.

We have friends who may be interested in a puppy this spring.  Do you have any puppies that may be available then? 

Thank you. 


UPDATE on "LULU" now living in Indiana with Alice & Bob

Hi Alice,
   Here are some pictures of Lulu's first Christmas.  She had a fun day.
OK, every day is a fun day for her. She weighs 34.8 lbs now. She has been
gaining 1-2 lbs a week for the last  6 weeks or so.  She is doing fantastic.

   Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


This is "HUNTER" now living with Jeff and his family in New Jersey.

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Hunter (aka Pacino).  He has been a
great addition to our family.  He and Hemi are getting along wonderfully,
they seem like true brothers.

This is "BAILEY" now living with Mike and his Beautiful family in California.

Here we are picking up Bailey at the Cargo area. She is doing great and 
fitting into our family great. We all love her.

She had her vet check today and all healthy. We go back in a few weeks 
for shots.
Thank you!

UPDATE on Harley & Tank now living in Georgia with the Mullins family


Just wanted to send a quick update. My two boys are doing great. I think Harley is going to be a big boy as he has already passed Tank in size. I absolutely love having them and they continue to make a great addition to our family. Thanks again for offering such great Boxers.


Chad Mullins

This is "LULU" (AKA Kaluha) Now living with Alice & Bob along with her new 4 legged friends in Indiana.

Good morning,
   Lulu amazes me with something new every day.  I cannot believe what a smart dog she is.  She continues to do well with the house training routine.  This morning was the first morning she actually went to the door to let me know she needed to go outside.  Last night when we were getting ready to go to bed she voluntarily got into her crate (not even any coaxing with a treat) and laid down and went to sleep.  She didn't even whimper once during the night.  She has the "sit" command down and does pretty good with the "come" command. 
   She is growning well too.  We bought her a collar the day we picked her up at the airport and it was too big for her even on the first hole, and now it fits her perfectly on the last hole.
   Bob's computer was out of commission for a while so we haven't been able to download any new pictures of her in the past week.  His computer has to program to download and resize the pictures.  I have asked him to work on the pictures this evening, so I will send you some new ones this evening. 
   Thank you again for providing us with such a beautiful and smart puppy.
Hi Alice,
   Here are a "few" more pictures of our little Lulu.  The yellow lab is our old faithful dog Annie.  The black lab is our daughter's dog, Jay.  She loves playing with Jay because he is still young enough he thinks it is great fun.  Annie, on the other hand........well, we are calling her Miss Cranky pants, if that gives you any idea what she thinks of her new little sister.  Hope you like the pics.


Hello Alice,
Here are some pix of Loki (aka Echo) and Odin (aka Parker)  they now live with Jerry, Terri, and Molly in Indiana.

This is "ABBY" (aka "Chivas") now living in North Carolina with Michael & Caroline and her new brother "Nick".

Hi friends,
I AM excited!!@!  Meet my NEW Sister Abby!!!!!  Isn't she lovely??  YUp..

This is "CHASE" Now living in Maryland with Dan & Jamie

Hi there,
My boyfriend bought a boxer puppy from you about 2 1/2 years ago and I must say that he is the love of my life!  I've attached some photos of him through the years - sorry it has taken so long.  His name is Chase - he is full of boxer energy and we love every minute of it.  I was wondering when your next litter is expected.  I would love to get another boxer b/c we will be moving soon and he will no longer live with the dogs we live with now.  My feeling is he will go through a depression and lord knows we do not want that!  There are only so many couches a girl can repair (kidding...kinda)!
Thanks so much,

Another B.J. UPDATE

 Now living in New York.Hi Alice

Victoria and I just wanted to send you a few pictures of B.J. We will send more pictures during the holiday season. 

Hope all is well and thanks for everything.  You are the best.  


Victoria & Edward

This is "ZOWIE" aka "ECLIPSE" Now living in Chicago with Candice & Mike.


 We just love Zowie to death. Maybe a little too much! She is so sweet, obedient, intelligent, almost too good to be true! We want to get her a play mate soon from you so hopefully we’ll be in touch in the next 6 months or so. Thank you so much. She is a perfect addition to our lives.

Candice & Michael

UPDATE on "TYNE", "ODIN" & their New Sister "DANICA" (AKA KILEY) Now living in Canada with Monica & Bruce.

UPDATE on Tyne pictured farther down om this page -- This is "TYNE" & her new brother "ODIN" (aka "KAM") now living in Canada with Monica & Bruce


Hold on to your socks, this is the perfect picture yet of what beauties you have blessed our home with.


This is "Rhianna" now living in Miami with Lois

Hi Alice.......

It was great talking to you yesterday.  I'm so glad you're doing well with
plenty of puppies running around.  Here's my adorable puppy who turns 3 on
September 30th -- Mz Rhianna!  I'm attaching two puppy photos that were on
your website when I purchased her.   The one with her head on the pillow is
six months and the 4th on the carpet she's about 18 months.     

I'll be calling you soon to get another one as soon as I'm back in Miami. 

Take care now!



UPDATE on "Reese" pictured further down on the "Show Off" page.

Here are some newer pictures of Reese. She is doing great and is a great companion. Thank you again for a great dog.   Joey

This is "BEAR" now living in New York with Ken & Genie

Hi Alice,

This is Bear we can't imagine life without him. We are looking for a girlfriend for Bear. She has to be VERY SPECIAL! Nothing but the best for him. Please let us know if you have his Special someone. We can't Thank you enough!

Ken and Genie
New York

This is "OREO" aka "RAVEN" now living in Illinois with Scott & Sue.

Dear Alice,


Raven made it to us just fine.  A little timid at first but she is warming up.  Stubborn though.  Has she had any potty training?

I have gotten lots of great kisses and she follows me around.  Here are some pictures of her first day with us.  Thanks so much.

p.s.  her FOREVER name will be OREO


Sue & Scott




This is "SARGE" & "DOTTIE now living in Colorado with Dan, Kathy. & Kylie

Hi Alice,

Sarge is such a wonderful addition to our family, and he is so spoiled! We will send more

 pics later of him with the family. Thanks again!!!

Dan and Kathy Seeborg




This is "Ti -Loup" (AKA "Kolt") now living in Quebec with Isabelle and family

hello you I have forwards to you of new photographs his name is Ti-loup it goes has wonder visits veterinary and its poid is returned has 50 book it is adorable and c' of pitou it is a love has a piece yoghourt to freeze every day and it eats food house with vegetable and fruit,…
bonjour a vous je vous fait parvenir de nouvelle photos son nom est ti-loup il se porte a merveille visite vétérinaire et son poid est rendu a 50 livre il est adorable et c'est un amour de pitou il a un morceau de yogourt glacer tout les jour et il mange de la nouriture maison avec légume et fruit

This is "Harley" & "Tank" now living in Georgia with the Mullins family.

Hey alice, just wanted to send you a quick update. Harley (aka Kabe) is getting along great with Tank and the whole family. This is my second teenager from you and I am convinced that you have developed an excellent temperment with your boxers. My kids can pull on them, climb on them and annoy them but they just keep loving and licking them. I would gladly recommend anyone interested in a boxer to you. Thanks again. I will send a few more pictures soon.


This is "OREQ" AKA "STONE" now living in Florida with Ron & Becky


Just a little note to say Oreo (Stone) is doing just fine.  He loves his new home.  Loves to chase our 1 ½ year old cat.  He loves to play with our 4 year old cocker but Boswell hasn’t truly be-dogged him yet.  We will send pictures but wanted to let you know how he is doing.  These pictures are from a couple of days after we picked him up, my nephew were in town from NJ.   He is a real character.   My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying him.  Thanks again.

Ron & Becky

This is "LACEY" now living in California with Earline & Family.

Hello Alice,
Here is the first of more pics to come of Lacey (formerly Paige).  She is such a wonderful puppy (loves to be praised). We are having such a blast with her, she and my son are inseparable. She is completely housebroken and already knows the sit, come and stay commands, we got a true winner. Stay tuned for more beautiful pics.

This is "MAJOR" (aka KAYNE) now living in Florida with Diane, John, & Kristy

Hi Alice,

Just wanted to let you know that your boy Kayne is doing great.  His new name is Major. He has adjusted to our home quite nicely.  He has learned to sit and walk on a leash and loves to run laps in our fenced in backyard.  He sleeps with my daughter in her twin size bed at night and is a bit of a bed hog.  We are probably going to get them a bigger bed soon.

You breed a very sweet tempered dog!

Thanks so much!

Diane, John and Kristy Schmidt


This is "MacKenzie" (aka RAYNE) now living in Virginia with Brian & Lindsey

   Here is the first of what will be many pictures of MacKenzie (formerly Rayne).  She arrived in good shape, and we have been to the vet and with the exception of the stool sample (that will take about 3 days to get the results back from the lab) the Vet has pronounced her fit! 
   She is a DOLL, Alice, and SUCH a pleasure to be around.  She is taking to housebreaking as though she were born to it.  She is happy and has already become the center of attention in both our household and in the local pet store when we took her in to get her food today.
   Thanks for bringing this wonderful addition into our lives.  As I mentioned, Lindsey is already thinking about getting a brother for her to play with.  We'll speak with you soon, and thanks again.
Brian and Lindsey

This is "CORNELIUS" now living in California with Susan & Michael

This is "JAKE now living in Staten Island, N.Y. with Neil

I've tried 2 send u pics b 4 but it didnt werk i got lots more Hes soooo cute I got his ears Cropped, everywhere i take him he draws a crowd.Hes sooo luvable he just wants 2 play. I'll take sum more pics n send them also.

This is "MARLEY" now living in Wyoming with the Littell's.

This is Marley.  She is a beautiful boxer with an amazingly loving temperament, purchased from you at Boxersetc.  She has adapted to the mountain life quite well.  She resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  She is mischievous, (look what she did to my couch), as is the temperament of most boxers, but nonetheless a wonderful addition to our home.

Beau Littell


This is "MOLLY" now living with the "Neiman" Family in Florida.

This is "CHARLIE" now living in New Jersey with Susan.

Hello Alice,

Sorry this note is so long overdue.  I have to tell you, I can’t imagine life without Charlie (formerly Sawyer).  In five short months he has enriched my life and those around me beyond comprehension. He’s extremely smart, funny, affectionate, happy-go-lucky, friendly—if only I could find a two legged male like him, life would be perfect!  All kidding aside, I am so grateful to have him in my life and I look forward to many happy years with my new best friend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

All the best to you and your family, 


Upper Montclair, N.J.

This is "TEDDY" aka "Joker" along with his new brother "Dunkin" and parents in Tennessee

Hi Alice,
     Joker made it to our house in great shape. He couldn't wait for me to get him out of that crate & love on him! We've decided to rename him "TEDDY". . He and our other cocker, Dunkin, are getting along nicely. TEDDY is taking in all of the sights and sounds of our house - the saltwater fish tank, the cuckoo clock, learning how to negotiate our stairs, and use his doggy door. He loves to play, is very sweet, and seems to be a very good boy.
     I took him to the vet this morning and he passed his vet visit with flying colors..
     Here are a few pictures, as promised. We plan to stay in touch with you, as well as send you new pictures as he grows up.  Thanks again, You made adding this new addition to our family a wonderful experience.. 
     Michael, Julie, Dunkin & Teddy  Hendersonville, TN 
P.S. If there are any other owners of his brothers and sisters from the 11/10/07 litter, we welcome you to contact us/periodically to swap pictures with us.  Our email address is  

This is "NASH & GWEN" now living in California with Tracy & Alex

Hi Alice,
I thought you'd enjoy these photos of the pups! My daughter could not handle them, so thier home is with me here in beautiful Malibu and they are very happy and growing, almost 6 months old.
I am so glad I have them both, they are so cute, they do everything together and are like 2 children. She is so smart and "sneaky" the one who steals out of my closet, she teases her brother constantly and is the vocal one. He is the quick learner and obedient and love to hang his head out the window during car rides and of course, with his striking markings, he gets all the attention. But it is she that has MY heart!
Thank you,

Hi Alice,

Wanted to send you a few images of the puppies, I know you must be missing
them! Alex is thinking of naming Vegas, Nash; after Crosby Stills Nash &
Young...nothing yet for Venus...
My older dogs were first annoyed by then and didn't like all the jumping and
dive bombing, but the puppies are learning not to do that and the older ones
are accepting them more and more as you can see my female just let them
share her bed!

I feel like I have 2 more children, they are a handful, but so much joy!
I'll send you more pics when the weather clears and I can take them out to

Regards and Thanks!


This is "REESE" now living in Georgia with Joey

Alice. Sorry it took so long to get the pictures to you. Reese is doing great! She loves her toys especially the tennis ball. She really likes to sleep. I think I am going to have to get a bigger bed because she is growing fast and takes up the entire bed. I get comments on her everywhere we go. Thank you for a great dog.

This is "ROCCO" (aka Stetson) now living with the Thomas family in Michigan.

Some pics of my growing boy attached.
His name is Rocco and he is soooooooo loved.

Mechel Thomas

This is "ISSEY" now living in Arizona with Christine

This is "RAIDER now living in San Jose with his new sister "Sasha and his new family the Gersey's.

Hi Alice!  How are things out there with you and your doggies?  Things are good with us, just wanted to give you a quick update.  If you click on the album below, Matt has added some photos.  Ill ask him to send some more recent ones because Raider has been growing a lot in the last week or so!  He got this big ol' belly and then his body stretched out and his tummy got smaller.  He is taller and less puppy looking now.  Don't get me wrong, he is still tiny but he is growing well!
He is sleeping at night for about 4 1/2 - 5 hours at a time so we only have to get up once with him.  He is taking well to the crate training and his potty training is going great.  he certainly knows that he has to go potty outside, his only accidents are when we leave him alone in the kitchen for too long while we are away. 
Sasha and Raider are getting along GREAT.  they love playing together.  The only thing that sucks is that Raider really wants to sleep with her and she just isn't comfortable if she isn't sleeping alone.  So, he cuddles up with her and she gets up and lays down someplace else.  he seems fine with it though because he then ends up with her comfy bed!  LOL  We put him in the kitchen and her outside if we have to leave them and all they do is sit there and pine after each other.  They cant wait to get back together and they hate being apart.  its awesome!  I think Raider is a little Houdini, thats for sure.  We had the sliding glass door blocked off (bbq in front of it outside and garbage can in front of it inside) but when we got home, the door was open a small crack (big enough for raider but not big enough for sasha) and Raider and her were outside playing together.  the other day, i came home and Raider had flipped his crate upside down and was standing on top of it to reach the kitchen counter.  He is so smart!  and sneaky!  LOL  Its so don't ever find out what doesn't work until you see what they do with each thing we try...
Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update while I had a moment.  I hope things are well with you and your dogs...
Take care!
Attached are some recent pictures of Raider.  I took these when I
brought him to work with me on Monday.  He was exhausted by the time I
took these


This is "SPARTACUS" who now lives with Eileen & Richard in Massachuset.

Hi Alice
We adopted a puppy from you in June called Chopper, we renamed him Spartacus and he is adorable.I have enclosed a couple of pics so you can see how big and handsome he has become.He has the best personality and everyone on the dog parks just loves him and he is a social butterfly and has made lots of new buddies. He is doing great with his potty and crate training, he loves to snuggle before bed but is quiet happy to go into his crate for the night.
We are convinced we have adopted the greatest dog ever and could not be happier.
Thank you for your help, advise and support
Eileen, Richard and Spartacus  xxx
Hi Alice
Just a quick note and pic to show you Spartacus having his first swim in the Ocean, he wasn't crazy about it but loved the treats he got when he came out. He has been in a few times since and is slowly getting used to it unfortunately the ocean up here doesn't warm up all that much and his little paws and belly get cold.
Hi Alice
Thought Id send you a pic of our beautiful dog Spartacus(chopper) born 3/30/06, this is his first day in the snow and he loved it. He has developed into a beautiful dog in looks and personality, he is very small only 45lb which is what we expected but is solidly built and as you can see from the picture is the most beautiful colour red/fawn with perfect markings.
If we ever decide to expand our family I shall be in touch with you again.
Hi Alice
Just thought I'd drop you a line with a pic of the brindle boxer Marmite(Kalhua) who was adopted by our neighbour Dave. She has settled in very well and is a total delight. Marmite and Spartacus (Chopper) are the best of friends and hang out all the time and drive each other crazy.

This is "JASMINE" now living with Ed in Beverly Hills

Hi Alice:

Jasmine is doing well.  I thought I'd send you some pictures of her taken today.  I hope all is well with you + we'll speak some.

All the best.

Dear Alice

It has been awhile.  Jasmine is an amazing girl.  She’s has a great personality + is adored by all around her.  I wanted to send you some current pictures so you can see how she is turning out.  She’s going to be a big girl.

I hope you are well.

All the best.


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