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This is "MAJOR" aka "BRADY" now living with Paul in Pa.

Recent pictures I took of my little man.He is doing so well.Thank you .


   Few shots of him sleeping..  he has his own bed and blankets


Hi, how are you? Just keeping you updated. 40lbs already.. he growing to fast. I gave like 4 other people your name if that's ok. His a wonder champion pup. Did you ever receive that white paper 
Health Garentee . Not that I'm worried.  His a healthy pup.. Thank you so much again

This is "MAX" aka "Denali" now living in Florida with Bill and his family.  Also he has a new big brother.


I just wanted to send you some pictures of Denali (we now call him Max).  He is a very sweet boy and is getting along very well with our boxer Wilfred.

This is "SAMSON" aka "BOONE" now living with Don & Brenda in Ga.

 Samson is growing!! He visited to vet the end of August, and he weighed in at 51 lbs.  His vet expects Damson to be around 65 pounds when he is fully grown. 
 Samson is such an great dog!  He is so energetic and curious! He keeps
me on my toes every day.  We love him so much and he loves us back!!  I can't imagine life without a boxer in it!
 Tonight it was raining at our house, but it didn't phase him a bit. He is standing by the pool thinking about jumping in!!
  I think he needs a friend to play with. I am not sure how much more attention another baby will take, but we are thinking about it.
  Thanks again for the most
perfect dog ever!!!!
  He is at the automotive shop hanging out.
       Don & Brenda



This is "AXLE"    aka "CRUSOE"  now living in California with Dave and Denae

          Taking a nap. Silly guy


This is "ROCKY" aka "DIEGO"  now living in Maryland with JUAN


This is "LACIE-BELLE"  aka "DEMI" now living in New Jersey with Megan

Hi Alice,

Lacie Belle aka "Demi" stole our hearts from the moment we picked her up at the airport. She's doing great and made herself right at home. We absolutely love her and our family adores her, too. Lacie loves playing, snuggling, and is doing pretty well with potty training. She even started hitting the bells we have hanging on the door to get her in the routine to let us know when she has to go out. Crate training is a whole other story. Lacie absolutely hates the crate, so we have to try and be creative so she learns to at least like it. We'll continue to send you updates as Lacie grows and learns new things. Thank you again!
With Love,

This is "FRITZ" aka "MAJOR" now living in Atlanta with Christy and his new canine sister "PENNY" 

He was perfect on the ride home. Everyone just loves him! I decided to name him Fritz which means peaceful ruler in German. He thinks Penny is the greatest and she is so good with him.

This is "TYSON" aka "DALLAS" now living in N.J. with Karen & Beau.

Hi Alice! Tyson aka "Dallas" is doing great! Our kids are having so much fun with him.  They are like the three musketeers.  He's doing well with potty training too.   We appreciate you checking in on him.   You are a great breeder of boxers. Will update you as he continues to grow!  Thank you again and we'll be in touch.
Karen & Beau


 This is "BOSTON" aka "CRUZ" now living in N.Y. with June & Bobby and my new canine brothers & sister. I'm the little guy.

Dear Momma Alice,

Thank you so much for bringing me into this world and thinking I was deaf so I could go and live with my new mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters at 10 Locust Ave,  in NY.

Let me tell you, my life here is amazing and I am such a happy little puppy.  My mommy gives me tons of kisses all the time and is very patient with me.  I can always count on her to protect me when something scares me.  My sister Bella loves to play with me and puts up with me when I get crazy and try to eat her face.  My brother Brewster loves sharing his toys with me and we both love taking the balls away from each other.  My brother Brodie doesn't get it that he sometimes scares me cause he plays a bit too rough with me sometimes,but mommy tells him to be "gentle"and he's starting to get it.

We all share a water and food bowl (both is always refilled when we empty them) and I sit patiently when mommy is giving us a treat.  Now my Daddy is the man cause he loves to bring us home breakfast whenever he is not working.  Wow I love that and jump around like an idiot to make sure he knows I am there and he gives me some of his food.  During the day I get to play downstairs in the office with my brothers and sister and mommy's employees, so life is definately good.  

So thank you again for sending me to 10 Locust!!!!!

"Boston" Williams

UPDATE   This is "KAOS" aka "CLARK" now living with Morgan and her family in Minnesota. 

Just wanted to say hi and update you on our Kaos!  He is growing and has provided a lot of smiles for our family!!

This is "SAMSON" aka "BOONE"   now living with Brenda and her family in Georgia

I just wanted to let you know \"Boone\" AKA Samson is doing great! HE is growing and he is PERFECT!! We love him so much. Thank you so much!
Here are a few pictures of him playing this afternoon. We wished we would have picked out his sister too!


 This is "Tyson" &"Allie" livng in Nevada with Salinda & Chris.

How Alice -  Tyson is 5 months old now and he's growing every day. He started puppy school this week and we are hoping this will break some of his bad habits...,chewing, jumping, etc.   good news is that he is pretty much potty trained!!

Attached is a photo of Tyson and Allie (9 years) that I took this morning....and another from a week ago (snuggling).   He looks so much like her....must take after Salem's side of the family. :-)

-Salinda & Chris, boxer parents

 This is "BEARIC" aka "FLIP"  now living in Ct. with Tom

Hey Alice!

Bear is doing so great. He's really an unbelievable puppy.  We all love him so much.
He's making great strides with potty training and his crate training!
Getting his set of shots tomorrow,  but he seems nothing but healthy.
We just love him so much , Alice. I really appreciate your follow up.
We'll talk soon!


This is "BUSTER" aka "OLIVER" now living in California with Joni, Ralph, and his new canine sister "PEARL"

   He has arrived and he is beautiful!!! Thanks!  Already best buds!!

This is "SADIE" aka "SHILO"  now living in Ga. with Mandy, Kevin and the kids.

Hi Alice,
We picked up Shilo (now Sadie) this past weekend. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. I took her to the vet yesterday and everything was good. She is ridiculously sweet. She's also doing great with house and crate training. Our kids adore her. I've attached a picture of her watching Mickey Mouse with our daughter. :)

 This is "KAOS" aka "CLARK" now living in Mn. with Morgan and her family.  Also with his new brother "DOUG

Hi Alice!!  Kaos seems to be enjoying us as much as we are enjoying him!  I will send more pictures as he gets bigger!  We are getting him into the vet next week. 
I am sending your guarantee back tomorrow...sorry it got to be on the 5th day! 


This is "STELLA"  aka "CASSI" now living in Florida with Debbie and her  new canine brother "CHARLIE"

  Charlie loves his baby sister!    


This is "WALLACE" aka "SETH" now living in Arizona with Lisa

Hi Alice,
I just wanted to update you that Wallace has been neutered and is doing really well. He is nearly the same size as my other cockers now! He is such a lover! We really enjoy him!

This is "BELLA" aka "BRINLEY'  now living with her new family in Texas

Hi Alice,

 She is indeed really beautiful and we are in love with her!!! Everybody that sees her always gives us  complements on  how beautiful she is.
 She is playful and VERY smart. We all took puppy classes at Pet Smart and she learned very quickly all the tricks... She is now house trained, she hits a bell in our backyard door every time she wants to go outside.
 Attached are few pictures of Bella with the kids taken today. She is almost 7 months old... We can't believe that she has been with us for almost 5 months. We are so fortunate for having Bella as part of our family!!
 She knows a lot of tricks and the kids (and us) love to play with her!
Best Regards,
The Ferrer Family



 THIS IS "SAMSON"  aka BOONE now living in Ga. with Brenda and Family.

We got this cute picture the other day. I wanted to share it with you.  Is't he the cutest?

This is "WYATT" aka "CAM"  Now living in California with Donald and his family

Hey Alice,
I wanted to take a moment and share a photo of your Cam and I decided
to change his name to Wyatt. This photo was taken the 1st week of Dec.
while we were putting up XMAS lights.
I've completed all his shots and recently got him fixed. I'll be
sending the paper work soon. Wyatt brings me joy every day.
I will continue to keep in touch.

~ Donald Pitt


This is "ELLA" aka "TYBEE" Now living in "Michigan" with John & Lorell

Dear Alice, just wanted to drop a little note off to you to let you know and see how our little one is doing.First off she is now 47 pounds and fit as a fiddle. Loves to play and is really gentle and shy. But if she knows you, well forget about shy. I can't begin to thank you for this great little girl. Ella is really my wife's dog, when mom is around I don't have a chance. Almost forgot, she just turned 6 months when most of the pics were taken.  Know that Ella is in a good and loving home and is well cared for. We couldn't be happier.
Thanks again for everything and enjoy the pics

This is "CHARLIE" aka "SCOTCH" now living with Tom and his family in New York.  A BEAUTIFUL VERY DARK MAHOGANY.

Hello Alice,
I just wanted to give you quick update. Charlie (Scotch) is doing very well in his new home. He is a typical little brother to his big sister


This is "TRIPP"  Now living with CANDY & his new family in Ma.


This is "THEO" aka "ROYCE" now living in Savanna with LINDSAY & ZACHARY

Hey Alice,
    The white boxer puppy has made a wonderful transition into our house. My husband absolutely LOVES him! I took him to our vet at Godley Station Animal Hospital and he said that the pup is perfect!! He got his last round of shots, fecal test, an eye test and everything came back perfect. Thank you again for everything.
Lindsay, Zachary and Theo
UPDATE    This is "BROOKLYN" & "JONAH"  now living in Virginia with Kathy & Al
Hi Alice
I just wanted to let you know that Brooklyn our beautiful parti colored girl is now 21/2 years old. Her little brother Jonah is now 14 months. Since we have brought Jonah home from your house to meet Brooklyn they have become the best of friends and play together all the time. They bring so much joy to our house.
I will keep you posted as they grow. Thanks again for having such beautiful puppies to share.

This is "PENNY" aka "HARPER now living in Georgia with Stephanie  & Jeff 

Hi Alice - 

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Penelope (Penny) is doing incredibly well!  She is playing, sleeping and doing really well with potty training.   
The vet said she looked great and she is scheduled for her next round of shots at the end of December. 
We love her and wanted to let you know she's happy!  
I've attached 2 pictures of her below. 
Thank you again!  Merry Christmas! 

This is "JASMINE" aka "BROOKE" now living in Pennsylvania with Steph, Frank, and her new human sisters and brothers.

Good morning Alice
Wanted to give you an update on Jasmine. She is great. She is quite the jumper.    She plays hard and sleep so sound.  Snores like a man.   We truly love her.    We had to buy her a sweater since so cold in PA   Here are some pictures    Thank you for allowing us to love her. 
Steph and Frank 

This is "SIMON & RAMONA" now living in New Hampshire with Tracey

Hi Alice!!  I just wanted to send you one of my most favorite pictures of my sweet little goofballs.  Ramona is now 6 years old and Simon is 5. I just want to say "Thank You" again for giving me such a perfect and beautiful blessing that I have from these 2.  I love them more than I can ever say.  They have been my strength when times got a little hairy, they have been my laughter when I was down, they have kissed away my tears and hugged me so tight that all was right with the world in that moment.  They are truly my very best friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
All our love,
Tracey, Ramona and Simon
I take thousands of pictures of these 2 so they know whats coming when I yank out the camera or my phone.  That’s why Simon looks a bit cranky.  I promised a cookie and instead took their picture.  He was not impressed (they did get their cookie after this shot and he was all goofy happy).  My Ramona is such a sweet soul and will “pose” for her pictures.
  We live in the tiny town of Greenville, New Hampshire.  My husband I purchased 63 acres of land about 5 years ago.  It’s a beautiful spot and perfect for 2 energetic dogs.  We go hiking and exploring everyday.  They are extremely well behaved and listen better than most children I see when I go out to the city. =)  They also are super protective of me (and I of them).  We have the perfect life out here.  I work from home so our days are filled with time together, taking walks on breaks and lunch and they are the very best listeners when I need that someone to talk to and get me through the day. Crazy as it sounds they actually do verbalize and “talk back” in their own little boxer way.  LOVE THEM!!
Like I said before, they are my world and I love them more than I could ever say. 
Thank you again!

Wishing you many blessings this holiday season!
All our love, 
Tracey, Ramona, and Simon

This is "KHLOE" aka "SHILO"  now living in Ga. with Angelica and family

Khloe loves our youngest daughter, Zoey and is already so protective of her. I'll send more pics this weekend!!

 This is "MAXIMUS" now living in RI with Gary and his family


This is "FINLEY" now living in Ma. with Caitlin

Hi Alice how are you? It's been a while and Finley just turned one last week so I figured id let you know that he is doing great and is my best friend! Here is a recent picture of him, as you can see he is quite the ham! He honestly is the best thing that ever happened to me and for that I thank you! Hope all is well, enjoy your summer,

 This is "RICO" now living in Florida with Kelsey & Sean

Hi Alice! I hope all is well it looks like your hands are full with new litters! I had a question about the puppy food, how old did you say when we should start giving him adult food? 
I also attached some picture of our handsome pup 
Thank you! 
Kelsey and Sean


This is "MONKEY" aka "BREE" now living with Liz in NY

Hi there.  Thought you might like some pictures of the baby.  I love, love, love her!!!! :)
Take care,

This is "SMITH" aka "COLBY" Now living with Liz & Paul in Florida

Hi Alice,

Just wanted you to know everything is going GREAT with Smith aka now Colby. He is the sweetest baby ever and is adjusting so quickly to everything.  He and Baker have bonded very well and are becoming the best of friends!!they love their walks on the beach and he is getting a little better with car rides (got a little car sick on trip home from your place)LOVE him to pieces and he is the perfect addition to our family. He was at the vet today and was a hit with everyone there!  They can't believe the size of his feet!!  Lols  they are about the size of Bakers right now.  Anyway all went well with the vet and he has started on his heartworm and flea preventative and also got a Leptospirosis vaccine.  Goes back for remainder of vaccines on Feb 3.  Thank you again for everything!!!  Have sent a couple of pix and will stay in touch!!! 

Liz & Paul


This is "GUS" aka "KODY" now living with Cynthia and his new big brother in SC 

This is "COOPER" aka "JACK now living in N.C. with the  Neal family

This was the first week when he was learning to climb the stairs. He was so clumsy at first running into things. He learns something new everyday. He can sit, lay down, roll over and shake. His poots smells terrible. Lol
Remember that bed he rode home in...he has outgrown it but still loves

 This Is "TURK" aka  GUS  now living in Georgia with the Lee family

  Our baby is fitting right in.  Update soon! WE LOVE HIM!❤

Had to share! This is Gus, 3 and a half months,  and our Peanut who is 18 years old!


This is "WHITNEY" aka "SYDNEY"  now living in Pa. with Kevin and his family.

Whitney is doing good. We are still house breaking her and she's having a blast with her toys and the cat's toys.  Lol. She loves to cuddle and be underneath your feet.

This is Diesel now living in Jacksonville with Stephanie

Hey Alice,

I bought Diesel (I kept his name because it was the one I already wanted for my pup) from you a couple months back he is now 10 months old and doing very well. He is super energetic and amazing with kids.. I bring him home to my parents house, so he can play with their 2 boxers. They bought Brodie from you almost a year ago and he is also doing well he is huge now! I am sending you some pictures of Diesel and a couple of both Diesel and Brodie together from your updates page so everyone can see what a beautiful and amazing dog I received from you all. Just wanted to say thanks again and I hope to be contacting you again in the new year for a possible brother for Diesel.


Stephanie , Jacksonville Fl


UPDATE on "BRANDY"  at 10 months.

Update on "MACK"  living in Delaware with Jonathon and Megan.

Mack came home to us spring 2011. Look at the handsome man he has become! Always a please..Mack is the best Big boxer boy!

 This is "SAVVY" aka "Tally" now living in Wisconsin with Bill and his family

 This is "Hondo & Chayse"  Now living in New York

 8 enchanting years

Hi Alice,

8 years ago we bought a beautiful Boxer puppy from you and 6 months later we bought him his forever friend from you.  They have brought our family so much love and joy.   They live for each other and for our 2 sons.
Thank you,
Janina, Anthony, Jay, Dylan Jarnich
and our Boxers Hondo and Chayse

This is "ELVIS" now living in Michigan with the Clements family

 Hi Alice,
 Have been meaning to thank you for some time now.  Elvis aka Nevada has adapted well to life in Michigan.   He is the most popular dog in neighborhood and we receive compliments each time we take him for a walk.  Can't thank you enough, you have completed our clan!!!   We absolutely adore him!!
Many Thanks Again,
The Clements Family 

  This is "JACKSON" a Mini- Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel called a "SCHNAUKER"

Jackson is now a year and 5 months. Very happy dog with great personality. Best playmate with our German Shorthaired Pointer. Here are a couple of photos of Jackson.


 This is "HUGO" now living in Michigan with Amy & Mike.

I just wanted to take a minute to update you on Hugo.. We now have a bouncing almost 2 1/2 year old that is a total maniac, has no concept of personal space, who once ate actual cash right out of my purse, and has changed our lives over and over again with every new insane thing he does.

And I don't know how we could live without him.

Thank you for giving us the best dog, the best conversation piece, and best friend we never knew we needed. This dog has become a member of our family, and has not only made our life better, but made us better people. I was on the fence when my husband said he wanted a dog, and I was worried we wouldn't have enough time or attention for him.. what if I didn't like him?!

None of it mattered, Hugo loves and likes enough.. sometimes against our will... enough for both of us. You have made me a boxer lover for life! 

( Don't tell my husband, he has a big enough head about this as it is :)

All Our Thanks,

Amy and Mike C.

This is "BRANDI" now living in Georgia with the Coffee family

Brandi passed the test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen award Sun, youngest dog there...


This is "CALLIE" aka "RAYNE" now living in N.Y. with Kevyn & Bill

She is the love of our lives!!! The sweetest most lovable precious girl. She weighs 60 lbs and she is still the most beautiful girl. These naps happen often after so much play with Dempsey (80 lb ) step brother :-). Happy New Year

Kevyn and Bill


This is "BREWSTER" and "BRODIE" now living in New York with June & Bobby

This is "CARLEY" now living in Washington with Hollie and her family.

Hello Alice! I was just going to email you some pictures of Carlie so you can see how she has grown! I just love her to pieces and by far is the BEST dog I have ever had! Thank you so much for letting me give Carlie a new home. She loves our other dog (bulldog- Oakley), their just best friends. Everything he does she does, its very cute. Hope you enjoy the pics! Our bulldog didn't really want to corporate so we did what we could;) Hope everything is going well and hope you have a great Christmas!


This is "WINSTON" now living in New Jersey with Zacary

Hey Alice, 
Thanks for your email! Winston is doing better than we could've imagined. We really feel so happy to have him around. He really is a great dog, and has been awesome getting acquainted with both people and other animals. I hope all is well with you. Happy Holidays! 


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